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Goal: For participating teachers to integrate concepts and innovative pedagogies learned and experienced in the institute into their curriculum.  Each teacher will develop two lesson plans to be taught in the first semester of the  school year.  A “lesson plan” as we define it, means a typical high school or middle school “class” of about forty five minutes.  The plans do not have to be consecutive in terms of subject or concept.

Plan: During the workshop, teachers will learn nanotechnology concepts, become aware of and knowledgeable about the use of nanotechnology, and review pedagogical issues related to teaching and learning.  Teachers will develop two lesson plan ideas (new lessons or modifications of lessons already taught)   see Lesson Plan Requisites below for details. 

Teachers may work collaboratively on any part of these requirements. They are expected to leave the workshop with lesson plan ideas that can be integrated into their own curriculum and reflect their state’s standards.

  Requisites:  TWO Lesson Plans

Meet with fellow participants (shared grade level or discipline) to develop lesson plan ideas that reflect what you have learned in the Nanotechnology Summer Institute and which meet your curriculum requirements and goals.

 The lesson plan ideas should include components of the workshop that have meaning to your everyday practice, should utilize Internet resources, and should incorporate some elements of inquiry-based instruction.  Inquiry-based instruction is a pedagogical approach that accesses students’ prior knowledge, engages students in a topic, allows students to explore the topic and develop questions to investigate, promotes students’ investigation of their questions through data collection, promotes students’ explanations based on investigation evidence, challenges students to elaborate on a topic by applying their learning to new problems or situations, and affords time for evaluation (formative assessment) to benefit the teacher and students.

 You will be sharing your preliminary  ideas for your lessons by creating an informal poster/PowerPoint to be put on display on the last day of the Nanotechnology Summer Institute.  Materials for the poster will be provided.  

The fine print:  When citing materials and resources, please make sure that you cite them specifically so that others can easily access the materials. This includes specific URL's and complete bibliographic information. Please check your lessons for errors.  A bit of advice for your two lessons:  keep them simple and design them so that they are useful to you or one of your colleagues.  You need not write out an entire unit, a month-long plan, a quarter outline …  Just two lessons.



Participants are required to submit the two complete lesson plans online

 as attachments to: by August 15th.