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  • Heat lamps. The heat lamps used in the albedo experiment are called clamp lamps and are sold for use in raising baby chicks and the like. They can be found in farm supply stores and online at Aubuchons web site, We used 250 watt bulbs. Note that some lamps are rated for lower wattage bulbs. Prices range from about $10 to $20 without the bulb, which cost an additional $4 to $5 each.

  • Light meters. Mastech Digital 4-Range 200,000 Lux Luxmeter, LX1330B, Sold by: Kaito Electronics, Inc. $49.95 + shipping from 4 ranges, Lux or ft-candles; 3% accuracy
  • Garmin GPS 72. Prices on the web vary from week to week. As of 7/21/2008 these are avaiable at $99.99, no tax or shipping. Use Froogle to find the best current price.

  • Hydrometers and hydrometer jars

  • Gastec Gas Detector Apparatus

Gastec home page:

Available from Ward Natural Science:

Gas detector kit: 189.95

Tubes: $36.95 for a package of 10 (most gases)