3-credit Research Project


The goal of this project is to carry out an (approximately) semester-long study in an area related to one of the themes of the workshop. 

For example, you might wish to investigate the effects of ozone in your vicinity. You might hypothesize that tree damage you’ve seen in a ravine to the east of town is caused by ozone. Perhaps pollution from traffic on the major roads in town often collects in that area. You might study the trees themselves to determine whether the damage is characteristic of ozone damage and compare these trees to trees in surrounding areas where there is less damage. You might carry out a series of measurements in this region and neighboring regions on a variety of dates to determine if the ozone levels are indeed higher there. This might include students helping you to carry out simultaneous measurements in several locations. You would record and report on any differences in other variables that might affect the plants. After making measurements on a series of dates and under a range of different weather conditions, you would write up your results with a description of similarities and differences from your initial hypothesis, as well as summarizing the existing ideas about your subject of inquiry.

The project should incorporate all of the following elements: