Morton M. Sternheim, Director

STEM Education Institute

Hasbrouck Laboratory

University of Massachusetts

Amherst, MA 01003

Voice (413)545-1908         

Fax: (413)545-3697

July 6, 2007

 Dear Participants:


We hope this letter finds you all well and looking forward to our Summer Institute.  We would like you to know the following information.



WATCH YOUR EMAIL for information about our online forums. We will ask you to post a brief autobiography and participate in a discussion about a science topic.


Program    We have a very full and exciting program planned.  We will begin each day at 8:30 AM and conclude at 5:00 PM.  We will also take field trips to area locations to practice mapping and other skills that you will learn.  On Tuesday evening, July 31st, we have a barbecue planned.  Our last day together, Friday, August 10th, we will have lunch at the Campus Center.  The program will be available on our website shortly.  Website:


Clothing    For the Institute, please bring sturdy, comfortable clothes and shoes.  Besides classroom work, we will be hiking and working in/around streams, therefore hiking boots and water shoes would be most useful.  July and August tend to be hot in Amherst, so make sure that you have a hat and sunscreen.  Given the weather so far this season, it would be an excellent idea to bring rain gear.  It is also important to bring bug repellant and sunscreen.  A light jacket/sweater would be useful for cool evenings.  Amherst is an informal town and casual clothes are appropriate at restaurants and local sites.  There are local swimming holes that are free and two town pools with moderate fees.  If you want to use them in the evening, you may.  


Reminder        Remember to bring your digital cameras, laptops, GPS devices, and cables to transfer

                        photos. If you don’t have any of those items, don’t worry!


                        Remember that we will be providing breakfast (coffee, juice, pastries), lunch, and snacks

                        every day. We will also have a catered barbeque on the evening of July 31,


Food will be available at dinner time and on weekends in the Campus Center. Those staying in the dorms will also receive a supper allowance for the nights when meals aren't provided by the institute ($15.00); again, reimbursement will be provided well after the end of the institute. There are many restaurant choices in downtown Amherst, a mile from campus. Free buses connect UMass to the town center. There are other restaurant options on route 9 and in Northampton accessible by car. We will provide a restaurant list.


If it is convenient, bring a few rock samples from your community. (Don’t load your airline baggage with heavy rocks!  We will provide notebooks. 


For Credit     For those of you who are interested in receiving graduate credits for Earth Central instead of professional development hours, for you may sign up for Fall 2007 graduate credits, and  pay by check or credit card during the Institute.


To Those of You Who Are Commuting: 

Parking  Your parking lot is 63.  This lot is currently surrounded by construction, and is a little hidden.  It is located diagonally across the street from Hasbrouck, north one short block. Look for the sign! A STEM Education Institute staff member will meet you in the lot to give you a parking pass when you arrive.  Since our program begins at 8:30 AM, please arrive in the lot by 8:20 AM. 


To Those of You Who Are Staying on Campus: 

Parking  Your parking lot is 44.  These passes will be mailed to you.


A campus map showing both buildings and parking spaces is available by clicking on the following link:


Dorm   You will be staying in North Residential Area Building C. Your lot, 44 is very nearby for unloading purposes. The rooms are suite style with four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchenette and living area. Suites will be assigned by gender. The dorms are air conditioned


            Key Deposit  You will be asked to give a $10 dollar key deposit when you check in.  It will be returned when you check out and return your room key.


            Check-In  Check in time is officially 12:00 Noon.  However, every effort will be made to accommodate those who wish to check in earlier in the day.


            Weekend   It is possible to leave your belongings in the room over the weekend for those who plan to leave campus.  Please notify the dorm staff of your weekend plans.  This will also  ensure that STEM Education Institute is billed at a reduced rate.


            Laundry    There are laundry facilities located in the basement of the residence hall. The cos for the washer and dryer is $1.25 each.  You may want to bring detergent from home.


            Room Provisions   Each bed comes with sheets (2) and pillowcase (1), one blanket and pillow,  and towels.  There are no toiletries.            


We hope that this answers all the questions that you have.  If you want to speak with a staff person directly, you may call Marie Silver at (413) 545-0734 on Tuesday -Thurs or email her at:  Or contact Dan Gullage at 545-2016 or email him at We look forward to your arrival at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst on July 30, 2006.





Mort Sternheim